Best Dog Food

If you are looking forward to purchase any low sodium dog food then they can also be obtained from natural sources such as fish, poultry products and red meats. It has to be noted that content of sodium here would vary. Dogs who are recommended to have low sodium intake must not be fed food until you have assessed the sodium quality intake.

To avoid risks of feeding your dog with excess of sodium it is always advisable to purchase the commercial pet food with the label of mineral salts on them. However, the initial step remains the same i.e. consult the vet who will have a medical examination of your dog and give an overview of its health status. Also, he would suggest the best suitable low sodium dog food.

Similar to humans the low sodium diet would help in lowering the blood pressure of your dog. Such problems are found in pets who are older, usually sodium is nothing for young and healthy dogs. The main emphasis is laid on sodium diet since it will assist in preventing the cells from becoming swollen or dehydrating. It is also vital to maintain the muscle mass of your dog and help in the nerve function as well. The sodium adds up its own taste and brings out different flavors in the food of their dog which they enjoy. However, if your dog isn’t healthy then this sort of food might be unnecessary. Low Sodium Dog Food are usually for those dogs who are indulged in cardiac issues and this is the reason they are made to have a low diet of sodium.

Pets having a high blood pressure or heat failure should not be given such foods since the fluid which is retained inside the body would make it difficult for their body to work and would also pose difficulties for their heart. This can also lead to pulmonary edema. Many commercial dog foods tend to have a small and decent amount of sodium, whereas some have really high level for instance Hill’s S / D. Pets have non – life threatening heart issues and do not necessarily need to be limited on diet of sodium, but still one should keep an eye on food which they are feeding. The diet should be restricted to sodium instantly once you notice hypertensions or congestive heart failure is occurring to your dog.