The Best Nutrients

A healthy varied diet which is well balanced is recommended for maintaining an overall health. Here the usage of salt is generally restricted to dogs suffering cardiac issues. A low sodium diet can assist in reducing water preservation, which is a major issue for pets suffering from a congestive failure of the heart. Minerals such as selenium, chromium, magnesium and zinc are vital for a healthy heart.

By supplementing the food with the help of fish oils, which help in providing fatty acids can also reduce or prevent the severity of heart disease in dogs. There are antioxidant vitamins such as C, A, and E which are known to be helpful for overall health and preventing heart disease. Co – Q10 can be utilized for supporting the functions of the heart and will help in preventing heart diseases such as rapid heartbeat, enlarged heart, or cardiomyopathy.

Taurine is an amino acid which is really essential for your heart’s health. This amino acid is for cats but can be consumed by dogs as well. This is naturally present in fish and meat, usually in organs.

Therefore, now we come to the conclusion of dangers linked with your dog’s health if too much sodium gets consumed by him. It is a more like a lesson instead of a blessing. Even an excess of a pinch of sodium can be hazardous. Also, it is quite important to realize that sodium is an important mineral for the diet of your dog since it helps in maintaining the fluid level of your dog’s body and is quite important for muscle cell and healthy nerve function.

Some of the best recommended low sodium dog food brands are Hill’ Science Diet, Royal Canin, ProPlan Select, and Wellness CORE original formula.

Always remember that the food you offer to your four-legged friend will have a huge impact on his health so make a wise decision and do not rush. If you are unsure about which product to choose from or how much sodium to give to your dog always consult your vet and do not trust your intuition or gut level since one small mistake would take the life of your dog.

This is why low sodium dog foods are specially made so that your dog gets the best of it. These are food which are made with low sodium and each brand differs with the quantity level of sodium.

So, what are you waiting for, go ahead and get one for your dog now.